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Dimitry Markevitch * 23 Março 1923 † 29 Janeiro 2002

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Dimitry Markevitch

Борис Миколайович Маркевич [Маркевичі] † 1923

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23 Março 1923 Nascimento:

29 Janeiro 2002 Falecimento: Clarens (Switzerland)


Concert cellist Dimitry Markevitch was an honored student of Gregor Piatigorsky. His interests covered a variety of areas, including musicology, research into stylistic traditions, and teaching. He was a member of the American Musicological Society and the Société Francaise de Musicologie. He founded the Institut de Hautes Etudes Musicales (IHEM) in Switzerland.

He discovered the Westphal and Kellner manuscripts of the Bach Suites, which had eluded musicologists for decades. He published his own edition of the Bach Suites (in its 3rd edition), which incorporates these manuscripts as well as the Magdalena. In 1964 he presented his edition in recital in Carnegie Hall in New York, playing all six suites in a single concert.

He discovered two unknown works by Ludwig van Beethoven: the Sonata for Violoncello and Piano, Opus 64, and the Kreutzer Sonata, transcribed for cello by Czerny. He also worked on editions of works by Mussorgsky, De Falla, Stravinsky, and Shostakovitch. Dimitry Markevitch is the author of "Cello Story", a book on the cello, its history, repertoire and famous players.

He was a pioneer in the rediscovery of "authentic" instrumental techniques, performing works composed prior to the 19th century on a baroque cello. He particularly explored the works for the unaccompanied cello and wrote a book on the subject, "The Solo Cello."

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