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Revisão de 11:51, 22 Agosto 2016; Tesson (Discussão | contribs)
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O que está acontecendo que ultimamente não estou conseguindo acessar o rodovid?

problemas no servidor?

Sempre consegui, mas ultimamente estou tendo problemas para logar e para acessar e alterar as páginas.

Está dando erro 500 - erro interno do servidor - Zucherato (Zuccherato, * 10 Julho 1981)


Dzucherato 16:29, 10 Setembro 2007 (EEST)

Tabela de conteúdo

[editar] Project DFA infiltration

(Sorry, I can't say any portuguese word. This is a copy of a message I wrote on main discussion page of Rodovid English)

Hi everybody.

We are very surprised, in France, Brazil and Netherlands to see that english part of Rodovid is infiltrated by Project DFA inc. a US based Non Profit Corporation . Is there any active admin here except Project DFA members?

The activities of Project DFA is discrediting entire Rodovid's database, with complete non-senses:

  • Creating family links between mythological and historical persons
  • Merging persons from different mythologies
  • Linking different family trees without any sources
  • Trying to create a Project DFA certified label to ensure their fairy tales.
  • Modifying english templates, i.e. a mythological person may be real or not instead of is not a real person, though this template is clear in any other localization of rodovid.

Well, what is this mess?

Rodovid needs to become perennial, and we can't make it, because it is full of these jokes. We would be happy to have an admin's answer about this deep and real problem.

Sincerly yours --Christophe Tesson 03:11, 14 March 2010 (EET)

[editar] First proposal for rules

I began to propose rules on this page:

Let's work on it! --Christophe Tesson - talk. 16:09, 19 Junho 2010 (EEST)

porque esta dando erro interno não consigo excluir - 10 de novembro de 1013

Caro amigo Léo como faço para continuar a minha arvore, fiz um lançamento errado e o programa não aceita retirar alegando ERRO INTERNO, fico muito grato se o amigo puder me ajudar--Benfecam com 19:42, 27 Dezembro 2013 (EET) 27 dezembro de 2013 as 15,41

[editar] Top 100!

Good news:

•Rodovid at #82 on our Top 100 List is the first time we have had a Ukrainian-based website place so high. The website provides free family trees. Ancestral records are hard to come by from Ukraine so it might be worth checking out the website for anyone with Ukrainian ancestors. --Christophe Tesson - talk. 19:03, 16 Maio 2016 (EEST)

[editar] Rodovid.AR and Rodovid.SV

Because your front page is locked, I can not ad interwiki links to the 3 new localizations of Rodovid. Can somebody here ad [[ar:]], [[br:]] and [[sv:]] to this page? Thank you. --Christophe Tesson - talk. 14:51, 22 Agosto 2016 (EEST)

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